St. Andrews, Scotland
Fish & Chips with The Masons.JPG (108290 bytes) The Pilgrimage to St. Andrews was made possible thanks to the hospitality of Bonnie & Steve Mason.  After church we went out for fish & chips at the Chipshop of the Year in Scotland. A Little Exercise in St. Andrews.JPG (110703 bytes) My sporting goods got some more good use in St. Andrews.   We all went for a tour of St. Andrews and came upon the park that was calling out for a game of frisbee and football.
Old Course Frisbee006.JPG (90987 bytes) Every Sunday the Old Course is closed to golfers.  I made good use of this break in action to play a little Frisbee golf.  Shhh, don’t tell!J St. Andrews Bay.JPG (89300 bytes) St. Andrews is right on the eastern coast of Scotland.  On Sunday the waters were calm and so there many sailboats out on St. Andrews Bay. 
Carnoustie001.JPG (88784 bytes) On Monday, it was time to hit the links.  I began my Scotland golfing experience on Carnoustie.  Here I am teeing it up on the 6th hole, entitled Hogan’s Alley. Carnoustie007.JPG (117409 bytes) If you look closely you can see my ball hanging rather precariously on the side of the wall.  Needless to say I ended up in a few difficult lies at Carnoustie.
Carnoustie010.JPG (90244 bytes) Links golf in Scotland definitely involves visiting the bunkers.   I won’t tell you how many times it took me to get out of this bunker.  It was more than one!J Carnoustie014.JPG (87368 bytes) The home hole came a little too fast.  But thankfully I had a round (or 2) to look forward to on the Old Course the next day.  Carnoustie was awesome no matter what Jean Van De Velde says!
Old Course001.JPG (91962 bytes) An early morning tee time at the course where golf was invented had me smiling from ear to ear.  No carts at the Old Course!  This was a real golf experience! Old Course011.JPG (100585 bytes) Lies like this were not uncommon and this is not close to the worst of the bunkers.  What would you do in a situation like this?  It is crazy to hit out of a bunker in the complete opposite direction of the green!
Old Course014.JPG (98969 bytes) This is the worst of the bunkers, called Hells Bunker on #14.   If you look closely, you can see me on the right hand side.  The bunker’s depth is over my head!  Yikes! Old Course020.JPG (106480 bytes) Several British Opens have been won or lost in this bunker.  This hole is called the most famous hole in golf.  It is called the Road Hole.  This is the Road Hole Bunker which I avoided!
Old Course037.JPG (95252 bytes) I played the Road Hole twice.  Steve and I played not 18, but 36 holes on the Old Course.  Eat your heart out Gaz!  Whity, you were supposed to be here!  This is the tee box for the Road Hole, the most famous hole in golf!!!. Old Course024.JPG (103731 bytes) Alright, who knows golf?  What is the name of this bridge?  This bridge is used to cross the burn on hole 18.  Here is where Arnie and Jack, both chose to say goodbye to the British Open.
Old Course026.JPG (86932 bytes) Here is the view of the 2nd shot on 18.  In the background you can see the beach where the beach scenes from Chariots of Fire were filmed.  An amazing day of golf at the Old Course!!! Old Course032.JPG (94997 bytes) Steve & I got paired up with 2 guys from KC (too bad it wasn’t another few guys from KC) to play our 2nd round.  Here we are with one of our caddies on the tee for #11.

Now it is time to go see if the pros need any help?   Off to the British Open!:)