Southern California

Dunn Family.JPG (640324 bytes) My sister Joy, her husband Matt, and their child Kylie reunite outside Baja Fresh.  It was such fun to be around them as a family.     Dodger Game029.JPG (267469 bytes) Kylie's first Dodger game was a smashing success as the Dodgers scored 2 runs in the 9th to send the game into extra innings.  Then they won it with a run in the 10th.  The whole family enjoyed the outing.
Kev.JPG (698976 bytes) Oh how I have missed the fellowship of good friends while being away from So. Cal.  It was good to see old friends like Kevin during my time back home. Dinner with Dianne.JPG (706810 bytes) Dianne Whiting joined my parents and me for dinner one night.  Dianne and her sons Sean & Todd have been close friends for 25+ years.. 
Greg's Laker Party.JPG (701515 bytes) It was great to be back in Southern California during the NBA playoffs as the Lakers work their way to another championship.  Here a group of friends gather at Greg Whites for game 5 of the Lakers/Wolves. Kylie at Magpies.JPG (672215 bytes) Can you not smile when you look at this face?  Kylie is the master of so many facial expressions and here shows off her big grin for the camera.
Combat Wings005.JPG (630769 bytes) Here I am getting ready to launch Dad's combat wings in Long Beach.   Hopefully by the time I return, it will take a little less walking for those who accompany him to Ocean Bluff Park.  Dad & I Golf.JPG (579326 bytes) As always, it was great to hit the links with Dad.  Though neither of us were at the top our game, we had a great time together chatting and playing.
Palm Drive.JPG (677973 bytes) Palm Drive.  I have always loved Palm Trees. I loved them in Hawaii.   I loved them in St. John.  But I first loved them when they lined the street which I lived on in La Canada. Childhood Homes002.JPG (700816 bytes) Here Dad & I are in front of the home where our family lived for 17 years.  It was fun to visit the three homes in So. Cal where I lived as a child during my visit home.
Kylie , Blake& Chloe002.JPG (675885 bytes) Kylie, Blake & Chloe had a wonderful time playing together when we had the Powells over for dinner.  MorMor, Pa & Kylie.JPG (272566 bytes) Mormor & Grandpa doting on Kylie as we eat dinner at Chevy's with the Albrektsons.  It was so nice to be back to visit with family and eat good Mexican food!
Family at LCPC.JPG (673285 bytes) On Sunday morning it was fun to go back to worship at LCPC, where our family went to church when Joy & I grew up.  It was great to see old friends.   This trip to So. Cal was definitely about seeing family and friends. Swinging Kylie001.JPG (288969 bytes) Kylie loves to be picked up when she is holding hands with others on both sides.  Here Joy & I pick her up as we go to get snacks at Dodger Stadium.
Stew & Chloe.JPG (748607 bytes) Here my cousin Stewart and his youngest child Chloe are getting the tour of Joy & Matt's apartment.  I am sorry there was not more time with them, but the time we had was great. Dessert with Tracey.JPG (297523 bytes) I met some new friends while I was back home as well.  I was put in touch with Tracey  through guests/friends I taught at Caneel.  It was a rather circuitous route, but we finally got our apple pie & ice cream!:)
Dodger Game018.JPG (261000 bytes) Mormor was ready to teach Kylie the essentials of cheering for the Dodgers.  Kylie loved clapping to the music that would come on over the speaker.   She was a fantastic fan!  Dodger Game010.JPG (249987 bytes) A happy uncle to say the least.  I could have sat there all day with her in my lap  It was a beautiful day for a ballgame!:)  Go Dodgers!
Wild Thyme.JPG (666888 bytes) A group of people from the school where I used to teach gathered together to support Wendi as she raises support to run the Rock n Roll Marathon.  Here Wendi, Reagan, Mandi & I stop for a quick pic! Kylie Scooter024.JPG (623518 bytes) Too cute!  I can't wait to be back to see what new tricks Kylie will have learned!