North Molton, England
S. Molton Pub.JPG (102851 bytes) After a busy week in London, it was great to go and see good friends, Clay and Jen Andrew in S. England.  Here we are at a local pub enjoying the local cuisine. Playing with Sam005.JPG (107212 bytes) Jen & Clay have a beautiful sheep dog named Sam.  Sam & I are relaxing by the stream after a good workout playing with Sam’s ball!J
Devon Countryside002.JPG (92409 bytes) Jen & Clay live in N. Molton, which is in Devon.  The English countryside is so beautiful as this picture attempts to demonstrate.  Clay's Church.JPG (105386 bytes) This is one of the 7 churches where Clay works.  In the background is the Yellow House belonging to the Lord and Lady of the town!
Exeter Cathedral.JPG (105134 bytes) We visited 2 beautiful cathedrals in the region where they live.  The first one (pictured here) was Exeter Cathedral. Stonehenge004.JPG (90237 bytes) The last of the site seeing we did took us to Stonehenge.   It is quite a feat to imagine how the ancient people were able to move and build such massive stones.
Salisbury Cathedral004.JPG (66054 bytes) Here are Clay and I outside Salisbury Cathedral.  In the background you can see part of the tower that we climbed.  Salisbury Cathedral005.JPG (84472 bytes) We also visited the Cathedral with the highest spire in the UK.  Here we are on the lookout near the top of the tower of Salisbury Cathedral.
Stonehenge003.JPG (99695 bytes) Can you hear me now? Stonehenge005.JPG (106760 bytes) Thank you Clay and Jen for a wonderful visit of rest, relaxation, Sequence, Poker and most importantly good fellowship.  Nice nose ring Jen!J