Caneel Bay, St. John

home_01.jpg (16143 bytes) On the left is the beautiful beaches of St. John where I got to spend the last 1 1/2 years of my life.  My trip began with 5 nights at Caneel Bay.  It was a treat to have my final days on the island in the resort as a guest! Sunset 2-1-03--04.JPG (76013 bytes) Though the sunsets on St. John were not as regularly as remarkable as those in Hawaii, there were some beautiful ones.  When the bouganvillia was in bloom, it made the island that much more spectacular.
Jan 2004 Sunset Sail002.JPG (69678 bytes) I loved to be out on the water on a boat while I was on St. John.  On of my final weekends, I had the priviledge of doing one final sunset sail. Oriel & Mark.JPG (75224 bytes) Though I left Caneel excited about what was to come, I also left many good friends.  Two of my friends and co-workers, Mark & Oriel, were there to see me off.  Thank you guys!
Honeymoon Beach.JPG (57168 bytes) Honeymoon Beach is one of Caneel's 7 beaches.  It was also just a short distance form my apartment.  As you can see the setting is pretty spectacular. Goodbye Party012.JPG (68136 bytes) Claude, Rufus and Andrew were staples at our weekly round robins.  I will miss the chance to play with them on a regular basis.  They were nice enough to come to my going away party.
Brenna, Jason & Stacey.JPG (68890 bytes) Another highlight of St. John was the many visitors I had come and visit.   This continued to the very end of my stay when my friends, Stacey and Brenna, were with me at Caneel for the final 4 days. Jason001.JPG (72543 bytes) One of the last beautiful sunsets I saw on St. John was this one that I watched from Caneel Beach.  The islands jutting out from the water throughout the Caribbean made the horizon so beautiful to look out and see each day.
Kayaking005.JPG (69886 bytes) There were many ways to see the water.  I did not get to kayak all that often, but when I did it was a treat.  May 04004.JPG (72094 bytes) My real love is basketball.  Nick, Dale, Kerry, Desmond & I had a blast hooping it up for Caneel's team.  I was sorry the 2nd season took so long to start as I was only able to play in one season, but it sure was a blast being a part of the team.
P1011490.JPG (70563 bytes) At left are members of the ladies tennis team that I worked with during my tenure at Caneel.  On my final day, they threw a wonderful going away party for me.   Thanks!!  P1011499.JPG (73828 bytes) The grounds of Caneel are spectacular.  I got to see this view every morning as I walked over the hill from my car down to the tennis courts.  With only 166 rooms spread out over 170 acres, the resort is very spread out and cultivates a sense of peace. This was the last time I saw this view.
P1011496.JPG (56739 bytes) This was my mode of transportation around the island.  The jeep was a wonderful car for me and made for many great adventures.  This picture was taken by the gal who bought the jeep from me as I gave her the keys. Turtle Bay Rm Views001.JPG (75997 bytes) Sandie took care of me and gave me a wonderful room on Turtle Beach for a few of my last nights at Caneel.  This was the view from my room when I woke up.   Thank you Sandie!  Thank you Caneel for the many fond memories!
Rainbow 1.20.03-02.JPG (543324 bytes) The occasional rainbow over the tennis courts was a gentle reminder of the promise of a loving God in such a beautiful setting. Tennis005.JPG (65346 bytes) Tennis was my job on the island.  There were many highlights of my tennis on St. John, but none greater than the chance to play with Dad.  After living with Parkinsons for the last 23 years, I did not think we would ever have the chance to be on the court together again!:)