Jas & Roddick02.JPG (116640 bytes) My Wimbledon experience got off to a great start with front row seats to the Roddick vs Popp Rnd of 16 match on Court 1.  Here Roddick serves one of his bullets! Roddick vs. Popp25.JPG (107788 bytes) For those that don't believe in the open stance on the groundies, take a look here.  Roddick has been pretty successful!  Here he demonstrates the open stance backhand. 
Henman Hill04.JPG (117686 bytes) After the Roddick match it was off to see Henman vs. Philippoussis.   For those that didn't find their way in to center court, Henman Hill was the place to be.  There were literally thousands watching on TV. CenterCourt Hen-Phil03.JPG (111851 bytes) Do you think I would be denied from getting into center court for this match?  Not so much!  My first experience on center court was Henman vs. Philippoussis in the round of 16.
Jas Center Court.JPG (107835 bytes) The lighting is not the greatest in this picture, but you get the idea.   The atmosphere on center court was electric as the British rooted on their local favorite, Tim Henman! Henman vs Phillipous07.JPG (94419 bytes) After watching Henman choke in the semis at the French a few weeks ago, it was nice to see him pull through in this match.  I doubt he can make it all the way, but we shall see!
PICT0018.JPG (105781 bytes) Though I have never been a big fan of Martina's it was pretty amazing to see her competing today at the age of 47 in the Wimbledon Championships.  She and Leander Paes won their match. PICT0002.JPG (104012 bytes) Here is Leander Paes who grew up with PBI instruction in India. It was great watching him despite the lackluster footwork on this backspin shot.  He and Martina make a great team.
PICT0078.JPG (111352 bytes) I had great seats for all the matches today despite moving around to different courts.  Here I am watching Lindsay Davenport and Bob Bryan in mixed doubles..  PICT0026.JPG (91103 bytes) Today was a day devoted to doubles.  Here Daniela Hantuchova returns a serve from Cara Black.  The Blacks won this mixed doubles match up.
PICT0077.JPG (69367 bytes) Lindsay Davenport had a very successful day today.  I got to see her role into the ladies semis and the next round of mixed doubles.  It was fun to watch her smile as she looked like she was having fun on the court! PICT0095.JPG (65066 bytes) What is a trip to London without a ride on the red double decker buses.   At the end of the day I climbed aboard the bus to the underground with my ball from a match.  Shhhh.....don't tell that I have the missing ball!
Day 3089.JPG (105164 bytes) Each day at Wimbledon is amazing.  On my 3rd day there I got to see some great matches on Center Court.  Here I am ready to enter Center Court during one of the rain delays.   Day 3021.JPG (98827 bytes) The crowd and national favorite, Tim Henman, was totally outplayed by Mario Ancic in their semifinal match.  It was brutal to see how Henman was written about in paper the next day.
Day 3062.JPG (102226 bytes) The match of the day was Hewitt vs. Federer on Center Court.   In the battle between the last two Wimbledon champs, Federer reigned supreme.  Not bad seats, huh? Day 3091.JPG (94067 bytes) As I walked around the grounds waiting for the rain to dissipate, a guy named Boom Boom asked if I would take a picture with him.  So I reluctantly obliged!:)
Day 4037.JPG (106586 bytes) I did not think that Wimbledon could get any better after my first few days, but day 4 was as good or better.  In the first match, I watched the Davenport vs. Sharapova semi from these seats.. Day 4026.JPG (101007 bytes) Maria Sharapova, the teenager from Russia proved to be too good against Davenport.  After 2 rain delays and took it to Davenport in 3 good sets.
Day 4091.JPG (95776 bytes) The 2nd semi-final featured Serena vs. Mauresmo.  It was a very close 3 set battle in which Serena finally prevailed.  This was a very well played match.   Serena is so talented. Day 4102.JPG (102950 bytes) The day ended with a match that I had started watching the previous day between the Blacks and Martina and Paes.  When darkness came it got put off to the next day at 7-6, 6-7, 10-10. 
Day 5003.JPG (102353 bytes) Day 5 at Wimbledon had lots of rain.  While it rained they showed the replay of the Blacks doubles on the big screen at Henman Hill.  The tv also frequently showed their noisy fans!J Day 5024.JPG (92963 bytes) After the rain, Federer and Grosjean began their men’s semi on Center Court.  They got 2 1/2 sets in before ther rain came again.  Federer has got game!  Here is his patented backhand
Day 5029.JPG (107226 bytes) It's synchronized serving.  No it is just the Blacks warming up.  During a break in the mens semi, I raced to court 13 and watched the Blacks finish their match with a dramatic victory 13-11 in the final set. Day 6001.JPG (96203 bytes) The 2nd semi between Ancic and Roddick was moved to court 1 due to rain.  Thankfully I had acquired tickets to Court 1 and Center Court.  Here is Roddick serving to Ancic.
Day 5043.JPG (91254 bytes) My friend Sarah joined me for the Federer semifinal match.   As we walked back to the tube, we couldn’t help but take a picture with this guy! Day 6017.JPG (59963 bytes) I decided to watch the continuation of the Roddick match instead of Federer’s on Saturday morning at Wimbledon.  I figured it might be a little closer.  Despite Ancic’s effort, Roddick was too good!
Day 6053.JPG (112620 bytes) From there I went and saw Cara Black and Renee Stubbs defeat the #1 seeds in the women’s doubles semis in 3 sets. Day 4023.JPG (88677 bytes) Up to this time I had been fortunate to see all the matches I wanted.  But could I get into Center Court for the Ladies Final?  You bet!  Here is the champ’s volley!
Day 6074.JPG (71843 bytes) Maria Sharapova was awesome in defeating Serena in the ladies final.  Here she is raising the plate in victory!  Can you imagine winning Wimbledon at age 17?  Wow! Day 7006.JPG (105060 bytes) On Sunday morning I headed to Wimbledon for what would be a very exciting final day of Wimbledon blessed with a players pass from the Blacks!
Day 7014.JPG (102256 bytes) Upon arrival I had to begin my day with strawberries and cream.   So I headed up to the players lounge and started the day in just that way! Day 7015.JPG (67925 bytes)  

If I had known that Ladies Champ, Maria Sharapova, would want a picture with me, I would have dressed up for the occasion.  Oh well!


Day 7039.JPG (102815 bytes) Cara had a huge day on the final Sunday of Wimbledon.  The day began as she and Stubbs won the Ladies Doubles Crown!  This was just the beginning for her! Day 7049.JPG (114662 bytes) It was time for mixed doubles.  Cara & Wayne first had to play Bob Bryan and Lindsay Davenport in the semis.  They disposed of them in straight sets!  We got a fist pump after the match.
Day 7055.JPG (116499 bytes) The Blacks fan base grew each day.  Here is the main group of us celebrating their semifinal victory. Day 7079.JPG (113213 bytes) Now the question was how would I get into Center Court for Federer vs. Roddick?  The rain delays helped me get a ticket as a fan left very early.
Day 7071.JPG (95226 bytes) Roddick did everything he could to win the match including shaking the net with his hands after Federer hit 2 straight net cord winners.  But it wasn’t enough this day! Day 7102.JPG (92538 bytes) Federer was just too good in the final.  He was able to repeat as Wimbledon champion and I got to see a majority of the match in person!J
Day 7110.JPG (105878 bytes) Here is Federer waving to his fans from the players balcony.   A girl took a picture of Roger & me, but the girl did not push the button hard enough so when I went to look at the picture, it was not there.  Oh well! Day 7113.JPG (114852 bytes) The day ended with me sitting in the players box on Center Court rooting the Blacks on to the mixed doubles crown!  It was Cara’s Day as she won 2 titles!
Day 7002.JPG (105594 bytes) Wimbledon surpassed all my expectations!  I am not sure the trip can get any better.  If I am only dreaming, please don’t pinch me! Day 6070.JPG (108564 bytes) Now it is off to see friends in S. England and then to Scotland for some golf in St. Andrews!  So long Wimbledon.   Thanks for the memories!  Cheers!