St. Barths

Airstrip005.JPG (76174 bytes) Arriving in St. Barths is not an easy task.  At left is the small runway upon which the planes land after coming down right over the mountain.  The arrival itself scares some people away from this island. Arrival Boat Ride.JPG (66948 bytes) Do not let the difficulty of getting to St. Barths scare you away.   The island is spectacular.  If you don't want to fly it is also possible totake a boat from St. Maarten.  On the left I am taking the boat ride from St. Maarten to St. Barths.. 
Gustavia002.JPG (74938 bytes) Gustavia is the center of town.  This is where all the shopping is.   This is the main harbor where the boats come into St. Barths.  It is a fun place to walk around if you get tired of awesome beaches. St Jean Overview002.JPG (71698 bytes) St. Jean is the town pictured below this overview.  I was fortunate enough to stay right on St. Jean beach next to the Nikki Beach Bar.  What an awesome place to have a villa.  I plan to go back one day with others.  Want to come?
Saline Beach004.JPG (58009 bytes) The Grand Saline beach is a long white sand beach.  I spent part of every morning on this beach.  It is so peaceful and beautiful.  I did not expect to be awed by beaches after living in St. John, but this one did it! Driving Range002.JPG (59777 bytes) A driving range?  Yes, it is!  There is not a golf course on the island, but they do have this driving range.  I did not hit any balls, but I had to take a picture.  If you look closely you can see I am actually holding a left-handed club.  I just quickly jumped out and took a self-timed picture.  The only range I have experienced before where you hit balls into the water is at Couer D'Alene Resort
Governor Beach001.JPG (69795 bytes) This is a picture from above of Governor's beach.  I spent 2 afternoons on this beach.  The cove in which this beach sits is a great setting. Sunset003.JPG (65881 bytes) The weather was a bit cloudy during the week I was there.  However, I did have one or two good sunsets. This is taken from the beach outside my villa.
SOLVIW02.jpg (30010 bytes) Here is a picture from my villa looking out onto the water.  Not bad, huh?:)  Cuban on the Porch001.JPG (69983 bytes) A very rare sight for me to have a drink in my hand.  Even more rare is a stogie in my hand.  However, I did drink the champagne that was given to me on arrival to celebrate the start of something new.  Likewise,  I puffed on a local Cuban cigar on my porch. 
Le Select.JPG (67107 bytes) Supposedly this is the bar where Jimmy Buffet wrote the song, Cheeseburger in Paradise.  Le Select had music a couple nights while I was there.  It was centrally located in Gustavia Local Tennis Courts.JPG (67276 bytes) I was amazed to see how many people were out exercising on the island every morning.  Though I did not see people playing on any of the tennis courts, there were several sets of tennis courts on the island.  Maybe a future job for me?
My Beach.JPG (67521 bytes) Though this picture was taken on one of the cloudy days, this is the beach outside my villa, Villa Sol.  You can see the villa yourself at  Then type in sib sol as the villa you are searching for.  It was spectacular.  SOLVIW01.jpg (57571 bytes) Another picture from the 3 bedroom villa that was far more space than one person could use.  I wish others could have joined me! 
Hotel Le Toiny003.JPG (56827 bytes) It was fun to tour around the island.  I love infiniti pools and I found this one at Le Tony Hotel.  Unfortunately, I could not stay in long as the storm came right after this picture. Goodbye St. Barths006.JPG (67781 bytes) St. Barths left me with many great memories and a smile on my face.   I was thankful for a great 6 days, and though I fell in love with this island, I was ready for the next leg of the journey.