St. Tropez
Father's Day Dinner01.JPG (96134 bytes) After racing around France & Italy, I had the privilege of relaxing and staying with the Powell’s in St. Tropez.  I arrived on Father’s Day.  Here they are on the way out for dinner. Father's Day Dinner03.JPG (94381 bytes) Though delayed in arriving, Father’s Day dessert was quite impressive.  Jenny & David look on the flaming plate of fruit delivered to a great rendition of Happy Birthday on Fathers Day.J
Papagayo Night Club02.JPG (89945 bytes) After Father’s Day Dinner, Elliott & I went dancing at Papagayo.  Needless to say, St. Tropez is not short of good-looking women to meet and dance with.  Here are 3 women we met from Brazil. Le Plage Jumeaux11.JPG (111758 bytes) I got to spend time at the beach every day while in St. Tropez.  Here is the beach where we spent the first few days.  The beaches of this region were beautiful in so many regards.
Club Les Palmiers03.JPG (110565 bytes) Here is the whole clan in front of the other beach we visited.   David, Jenny, Uncle John, Auntie Pam, Elliott & I at Club Les Palmiers Elsa & Sofi Beach02.JPG (98157 bytes) One of the first days on the beach Elliott & I met Elsa and Sofi.  They taught us French, went dancing with us and were just fun to hang out with over the course of the week.  
Sunset Family06.JPG (104607 bytes) Auntie Pam and Uncle John enjoying one of the beautiful sunsets! Sunset Family07.JPG (96845 bytes) David & Jenny enjoying the same picturesque sunset!
Sunset Gals05.JPG (57926 bytes) Elliott and Sofi ready for a night out in St. Tropez.  Beach Football05.JPG (67808 bytes) We enjoyed throwing the football on the beach.  Here David receives a pass from Elliott.  This football has been thrown on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world (Hawaii, Caribbean, French Riviera).
Chateau Minuty05.JPG (103274 bytes) We could not come to this region of France without a little wine tasting.  So we went to Chateau Minuty.  We could not make up our mind so we bought a bottle of each! Le Cafe.JPG (102641 bytes) We went dancing about every night we were in St. Tropez.   Here are Elliott, Jenny and David tearing up the dance floor at Le Café!
German Girls05.JPG (94602 bytes) Did you know that John Bon Jovi has his own line of cars?   Neither did we until we met Tina & Tanya.   We know a lot more about the cuckoo bird, animals and other random facts thanks to them! Elliott Joins Parade02.JPG (98584 bytes) Elliott felt like he was being left out of the fun so he decided to join the Revolutionary forces as they paraded through town!
Sunset07.JPG (86838 bytes) Wow!  The colors of the sunsets were outstanding.  What a treat to see such beautiful sunsets in so many parts of the world. St. Trop at Sunset.JPG (112294 bytes) The fun, the family, the friends, the beach, the yachts, the dancing, the colors of the water and the sky, the views, the food, the shopping, the people watching made this week in St. Tropez a highlight.