Rome, Italy
Trevi Fountain004.JPG (107079 bytes) The first site I saw in Rome was the Trevi Fountain.  I could not believe the hundreds of people who were crowded around.  It was beautiful especially since it was so warm in Rome. St. Peter's Square002.JPG (102596 bytes) I had the priviledge of going to church on Sunday morning at St. Peter’s Basilica.  Here is the square outside the Church where the Pope performs mass.
St. Peter's Dome Interior.JPG (114280 bytes) Michelangelo’s painting of the inside of the dome is stunning.  It is hard to imagine anyone in our fast paced world taking the time to create such a masterpiece. Hostel Friends Col & Arch.JPG (108238 bytes) Wes, Staci & Sarah were friends that I met in Rome and with whom I went around and saw the sites.  Here they are standing in front of Constantine’s Arch and the Colosseum
Pantheon Exterior001.JPG (101949 bytes) Maybe I am getting spoiled with all I am seeing, but I was not really all that impressed by the Pantheon.  In comparison to some of the other sites, it was not as amazing. Colosseum at Night006.JPG (102125 bytes) My first night I walked over to the Colosseum and watched the sunset.  As the picture captures, the setting was stunning.  The size and magnitude of the Colosseum is hard to fathom until you see it.
Capitoline Museum Michelangelo Bust.JPG (57859 bytes) One of the museums I visited was the Capitoline Museum.  A must see in Rome.  I believe it is one of the best, if not the best museum in Rome.  Here is a bust of Michelangelo. Capitoline Museum The Spinario.JPG (71546 bytes) The Spinario was one of the many stunning pieces of work in the Capitoline Museum.  Works of Michelangelo, Da Vinci and more abound. 
Michelangelos Moses001.JPG (93602 bytes) At St. Peters in Chains Church is Michelangelo’s Moses.   The statue is so realistic, it appears that the statue of Moses could stand up at any moment. Roman Forum Jason.JPG (107076 bytes) Walking around the ruins of the Roman Forum is amazing.  Listening to the guides describe the activities that took place here is very interesting and informative.
Hostel Friends001.JPG (93093 bytes) This was almost the last picture ever taken with my camera.   These friends and I were going out for the evening in Campo de Fiori.  But, after taking this picture, my camera was stolen from my pocket on a crowded bus.  I will tell you in person the excitement of getting it back from the pick pocket! PICT0017.JPG (101758 bytes) Walking around Rome in the evening was beautiful.  The buildings and ruins that were lit up like this one were beautiful.  I have also realized that people over here never sleep as the sun doesn’t go down until 10 PM.
St. Angelo's Angels001.JPG (45377 bytes)  


Here is one of the angels on St. Angelo’s Bridge.   Statues like this one are all over the city.   Amazing to say the least.

Hercules Bronze.JPG (75867 bytes) Here is a bronze that was done of Hercules.  The bronze itself was probably bigger than me.  Again, pictures don’t do it justice.