Departing Pasadena.JPG (181173 bytes) Getting ready to go to the airport for The Great Adventure.  What will these next several months entail?  I am running on adrenaline after not sleeping at all last night. Don Baer & I Roland Garros.JPG (112241 bytes) It was great to see a familiar face at Roland Garros.  Don Baer and his family have been good friends from the time I was in pre-school.  Here we are on Championship Sunday outside Chartier Tennis Stadium.  For more pics of tennis, click on Roland Garros from the itinerary.
Eiffel & Jason3.JPG (207912 bytes) My hotel was so close to the Eiffel Tower.  This was taken right outside the hotel lobby.  I was on my way over to the tower to take a ride to the top.   It is a spectacular architectural feat.   If you have a fear of heights, I recommend putting that fear aside in order to go up to the top. Caen Cathedreal.JPG (198833 bytes) As I was told before I left the states, you will see so many stunning Cathedrals.  This is a picture of one such cathedral in Caen as I looked out from the Palace of Chateau Ducal.
Notre Dame Cathedral002.JPG (106610 bytes) In Paris, there is probably not a more famous cathedral than the Notre Dame Cathedral.  The artwork and architecture is hard to describe.  It was simply stunning. Le Bristol Dinner.JPG (274509 bytes) My first night in Paris, Ernie Vaissiere treated me to a very memorable evening.  In addition to hosting me at the hotel, he took me to an amazing 7 course dinner at Le Bristol Hotel and then to a show later.  It was a cultural experience.  What a way to start the trip.
Eiffel View Balcony410.JPG (220034 bytes) As I said, the Hilton was in a great location.  Here is the Eiffel as seen from my balcony.  Every night, on the hour, The Eiffel Tower would light up for 10 minutes.  It was spectacular. Champ De Mars from Eiffel2.JPG (317797 bytes) Looking the opposite direction from the Trocadero is the Champ De Mars which leads to Ecole Militaire.  There were always hundreds and hundreds of people all around the Champ De Mars.  It was a great spot to throw the frisbee, run and get exercise.
Trocadero from Eiffel.JPG (271502 bytes) The sight from atop the Eiffel Tower were staggering even on a cloudy day.  Here we look down upon the Trocadero and the Palais de Challot.  The river in the foreground is the Seine River.  Mona Lisa004.JPG (87745 bytes) It is impossible to not wish you had days to just tour the Louvre Museum.  It is enormous.   Of course, the most popular painting in the museum is Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.  I was surprised they let us take pictures!
Caen Memorial Flags.JPG (98183 bytes) Needless to say it was a meaningful time to be in Normandy when there with so many veterans who had returned for ceremonies over the weekend.  Here are the flags that flew in front of the Caen Memorial in Normandy Rm 410 Hilton Breakfast.JPG (278503 bytes) I had a great room at the Hilton when I was there.  When I woke up in the morning there were always children playing futbol on the field behind me.  Here I am getting spoiled with a little room service.
Jason Arc De Triomphe.JPG (113570 bytes) The Arc D’ Triomphe rests at the end of the Champs Des Elysees.  At the other end is the Jardin Des Tuileries and the Louvre.  On my final day in Paris I took a double decker bus tour of the city.  It was great. Opera House2.JPG (108336 bytes) The Opera House of Paris is very famous.  The buildings around Paris were all so different from what we see in America.  It was beautiful to see.  I wish I could have spent far more time visiting the sites of Paris.  Next time!
Normandy American Cemetary2.JPG (114624 bytes) I spent one memorable day in Normandy on June 5.  June 6 was the 60th anniversary of the landing on the beaches of Normandy.  The Normandy American Cemetary pictured here is right above Omaha Beach.    Normandy-Jason.JPG (117120 bytes) There were ceremonies commemorating D-Day all throughout Normandy. Here I am at the entrance to the cemetary with the soldiers standing behind me. 
Louvre Outside003.JPG (99001 bytes) The Louvre is not only fascinating inside, but even the entrance is unique and attractive.  Behind me is the pyramid below which guests enter the museum. Trainride Sunset France.JPG (79159 bytes) I departed from Paris for Italy by train.  As the sun was setting on a wonderful time in France, I was now ready for Italia.  My first stop would be Garda Lake…