Milan, Italy
Il Duomo Inside008.JPG (96753 bytes) The Duomo is the main feature of Milan.  The church is spectacular to say the least.  I can not imagine working on something that would take 500 years in total to complete. Il Duomo Plaza002.JPG (101540 bytes) I went outside Il Duomo and had birdseed put in my hand.   Before I knew what was happening, the pigeons were descending upon my arms to eat from my hands.
Il Duomo Rooftop004.JPG (106181 bytes) Here I am with my friends from Finland on the roof of the Duomo.   Anders, Jenny & I traveled from Garda and then saw the sites of Milan together.  I hope to see them later this summer in Finland. Il Duomo Rooftop010.JPG (114326 bytes) As Kevin said, there are so many cathedrals in Europe.  Cathedreals abound in Italy, but since this was the first massive one I saw in person, I was put in awe.  Every detail was so amazingly intricate. 
Just Cavali Cafe001.JPG (104548 bytes) National Geographic Traveler recommended going to Just Cavali Café for lunch and so that is exactly what I did.  A beautiful place.  Bice Dinner001.JPG (97342 bytes) Likewise I took Traveler’s advice for dinner at El Bice on the main square of the shopping of Milan.  Window shopping in Milan was an experience.  It could be very easy to spend a lot of money here shopping.
Sta Maria De Grazie001.JPG (67189 bytes) The Santa Maria De Grazie Church is the location of DaVinci’s painting of the Last Supper.  Reservations were needed weeks in advance, but fortunately I found a way to see it.  No pictures were allowed. Il Duomo Inside001.JPG (55594 bytes) Pictures do not do justice to the beauty of the stain glass window.   You will have to come and see for yourself.
Hostel.JPG (86291 bytes) My first of many hostel experiences took place in Milan. It was actually quite nice.  Though I was the last one in at night and first one out in the morning to get to Rome, it served its purpose and more.  Il Duomo Inside006.JPG (109758 bytes) The Stained Glass Window was amazing.  Here is a close up picture of one of the hundreds if not thousands of windows in Il Duomo.