Group Pics003.jpg (1016473 bytes) Here are the guys (& their wives) from my small group who have meant so much to me in the last 6 years.  Pictured from left are me, the Marstons, the Sheldahls, the Jones, the Kings, & the Erikssons in Kennebunkport, Maine.  Bocci Ball002.JPG (89313 bytes) It had been a long time since I had spent time on the beaches in the Northeast.  Goose Rocks Beach was a great beach and was the scene of some bocci ball battles.
Goose Rocks Beach070.jpg (766434 bytes) Here is a large portion of our group relaxing at the beach.   The Kings, Eriksson’s, Marston’s and Diane Prins are enjoying the sand and fellowship in this picture. Nord & The Boys002.jpg (1038108 bytes) The hammock was the spot of many good relaxing moments for me.   However, Nord is not getting much rest here as he plays with Cole, Noah & Ian.
Kev & Di Hat Party002.jpg (870865 bytes) Bob & Dottie King had all of us over for a wonderful dinner one evening.  As a party of that evening we all were asked to wear hats.  Here Kev & Diane model their choices in hats. Hat Party004.JPG (105650 bytes) Children were everywhere in Maine.  Quite a different dynamic than we experienced a few years ago in Lanai, but still wonderful.  Here Ian Eriksson models his lobster hat.
Lobster at Nunans003.jpg (860571 bytes) It is not possible to go to Maine without going for a lobster dinner.  After many good lobster dinners at Caneel in the last few years, I still found Maine lobster to be a step above. Lobster at Nunans013.JPG (112584 bytes) We never did get a group picture of all of us.  However, this comes close.  Missing are Brian Jones, the Marston kids, Noah Eriksson and myself.  Everyone was quite happy after dinner at Nunans.
Cole & Katherine.JPG (124901 bytes) We got to celebrate Cole Marston’s birthday while we were in Maine.  It was great to celebrate the answer to prayer that both he and Katherine were to Otis & Melinda. IMG_0168.jpg (370976 bytes) Here are the two littlest children of the group sitting on Brian’s lap while he reads them a story.  On the left is Aidan King and on the right is his baby, Sophia.  They were both so cute.
Golf at Cape Arundel001.jpg (802407 bytes) Cape Arundel Golf Course hosted out golf outings while we were in Kennebunkport.  Though not a long course, it still had my number.  Here I am with Bob & Otis on the 1st tee. Womers001.JPG (126931 bytes) The week in Maine ended with a good morning with my Uncle Marty and his wife Mary.  We had a great breakfast and a good drive around the area looking at properties.