Lago di Garda
Train Paris t Verona004.JPG (86807 bytes) After watching the sun set in France, I woke up to the rising sun in Italy after traveling through Switzerland.  Lake Garda from Hotel Poiano.JPG (95092 bytes) My first stop in Italy is near Garda Lake in N. Italy.  My friend and colleague from PBI, David Hong, is the pro at the Hotel Poiano there.
Italian Ice Cream.JPG (99907 bytes) David and a few of the people who he works with join me for my first Italian ice cream.  Delicious!  Mom, you would have loved it! Punta San Vigilio002.JPG (87103 bytes) Gaz & Sunuks this picture is for you.  Gaz, I have the maps in full effect.  Sunuks I am holding the pocket language book for Europe that you gave me.  Mahalo!  Lake Garda is behind me.
Hotel Poiano Courts.JPG (114046 bytes) It was fun to go from watching tennis on the clay of Roland Garros to playing on the clay with Dave in Italy.  It is a fun surface to play upon.  But not one that I have much experience wth. Dave Teaching Poiano002.JPG (113944 bytes) Here Dave is getting the guests of Hotel Poiano ready for their round robin.  His mastery of German and Italian in order to help the guest is quite impressive.
Garda Roses002.JPG (101829 bytes) I am definitely taking time to smell the roses at this time in my life.   These roses are somewhat symbolic of that. Garda Gardenias.JPG (120864 bytes) I couldn't help but stop and smell the gardenias as well.  They gave off such a strong smell as I walked back to the Hotel after going to the Lake for a little sight seeing.
Accordion Player.JPG (85943 bytes) Street Performers are everywhere in Italy.  In Garda I got my first taste of them with the numerous accordion players. Garda Waterfront010.JPG (85745 bytes) Oh how I love a good sunset. On my last sunset, I had a relaxing pasta dinner on the lake and watched the sunset.  The colors were spectacular.