The French Riviera
Cannes.JPG (106455 bytes) We took a day and drove along the French Riviera from St. Tropez to Cannes to Nice to Monaco.  Here is a poster in Cannes commemorating the film festival. Nice Boardwalk01.JPG (99016 bytes) We were all surprised how big the city of Nice was and how poor the service was.  Though it was beautiful to walk along the boardwalk, we couldn’t imagine relaxing on rock beaches with thousands of others.
Nice Opera House.JPG (86204 bytes) The buildings in Nice were lovely.  Here are the Powell's in front of the Opera House. Nice Overlook02.JPG (102888 bytes) As we drove from Nice to Monaco, the views were spectacular.   This picture is a feeble attempt to capture the beauty of the drive.
Smiling in Monaco.JPG (106384 bytes) We were all smiles in Monaco as evidenced by Pam & Jenny. Monaco Palace Tour02.JPG (109792 bytes) We enjoyed visiting the palace in Monaco.  We did a guided tour through one part of the palace where we learned and saw a lot about the history of Monaco.
Monte Carlo Dinner.JPG (116362 bytes) The service we received throughout the day was a little less than stellar. But we were still able to enjoy a nice meal at the end of the day in Monte Carlo. Jas Monte Carlo Casino.JPG (106833 bytes) The casino in Monte Carlo was amazing.  Most people arrived in suits and dresses while driving a Mercedes, a Ferrari, a Bentley, or some other luxury mobile.
Monaco Cathedral02.JPG (112845 bytes) One more cathedral…this one in Monaco.  Palm trees and cathedrals make for a beautiful sight to see. Monaco Monte Carlo01.JPG (116591 bytes) Here is a picture of the Monte Carlo’s main harbor in Monaco.