Florence, Italy
Car Ride Rest.JPG (109031 bytes) Instead of having to take the train to Florence, the girls offered to give me a ride in their car.  We somehow got all our stuff packed into their little car.  Here we are taking a break at a rest stop.  Amadeus Bar.JPG (97901 bytes) I said goodbye to them that night after we all went out to grab something to eat and drink at Amadeus Ristorante in Florence.  Here we are toasting to a good 36 hours. 
Duomo Night.JPG (98739 bytes) Though the Duomo did not seem to compare to Il Duomo from Milan, the cathedral in Florence was still quite impressive.  Here is a picture of it the first night I arrived.  Michelangelos David001.JPG (80976 bytes) I can’t show pictures of Florence without showing a picture of Michelangelo’s David.  I got up early the first morning to go to the Academy to see this piece of art.  Quite amazing indeed!
Uffizi Michelangelo Sacra Familia.JPG (97041 bytes) After the Academy, I went to the Uffizi.  It was amazing to see so many pieces of work by masters like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rafaello, Donatello, Boticelli and so many more.  Here is Michelangelo’s Sacra Familia at the Uffizi. Uffizi Exterior003.JPG (112312 bytes) Outside the Uffizi are numerous people making famous art works come to life.  There are also great real statues outside.  Here is a typical scene from outside the Uffizi.
Jas at Bargello.JPG (102530 bytes) I stayed in a place right near the center of Florence.   The nice thing about Florence is that everything is very close so it is easy to get around to the various museums. Here I am at the Bargello Museum.  This is the oldest museum in Florence. McDonalds in Florence.JPG (107456 bytes) Deebs this one is for you.  McDonalds is everywhere.  Florence is no different.  Here I go for an egg McMuffin as I get ready to buy my train ticket to southern France where I will stay in St. Tropez.
Church of San Marco Dorm Room005.JPG (92922 bytes) Inside the Church of San Marco are many beautiful paintings in the “Dormitory Rooms.”  Here is one such picture of Jesus teaching his disciples. Duomo Ceiling.JPG (104587 bytes) The inside of the Duomo is beautiful.  It is hard to compare the ceiling to the Sistine Chapel because nothing can compare.  But this was painted by one of Michelangelo’s friends after his death. 
Michelangelo LaPieta003.JPG (50779 bytes) Within St. Peters in Rome is one of Michelangelo’s sculptures called La Pieta.  The one pictured here is another masterpiece that is kept in the Duomo Museum in Florence. Bargello Donatello's Madonna con Bambino.JPG (77088 bytes) Inside the Bargello are plenty of famous works.  I have never seen so many pictures of Mary and Baby Jesus in my life. Here is Donatello’s Madonna con Bambino.
River Arno003.JPG (109231 bytes) The River Arno runs right through Florence.  Frequently you can see people rowing in the river.  The bridge in this picture is closed to traffic and is filled with leather, jewelry and many other types of shopping.  Final Sunset10.JPG (605665 bytes) The sun has set on a wonderful 10 days in Italy.  Florence was a great way to end the trip.  It is now off to the Riviera for a little time on the water!  Ciao!