Isle of Capri
Group on Boat to Capri.JPG (106206 bytes) I had intended to go to Capri by myself, but 3 of the gals from the hostel decided to go as well.  I essentially spent the next 36 hours with these 3 gals from Peru and Argentina.  Much more fun than going by myself! Positano002.JPG (112773 bytes) We stopped in Positano to pick up a few more people to ride over to Capri.  You can see the homes of Positano behind Ines, Cary & me.
Capri Welcome Boy002.JPG (111845 bytes) Upon nearing the island of Capri there is a little statue of a boy who is waving to all who pass by.  He is supposedly saying Ciao and welcome to the guests of Capri. Boat Captain and the Girls.JPG (92458 bytes) Despite arriving in Capri with an agenda of the things we wanted to see we were talked into taking a boat tour around the island with the captain pictured here with the girls.  It was a great decision.
Blue Grotto009.JPG (83353 bytes) The most famous stop around Capri is the Blue Grotto.  The light that comes into the grotto/cave makes the color of the water a turquoise blue color unlike anything I have seen before. Blue Grotto002.JPG (96609 bytes) Cary, Ines & Victoria are ready to go into the Blue Grotto.   We had to change boats because the entry to the Grotto is so small. 
Faragliono002.JPG (111398 bytes) The caves and tunnels around Capri were remarkable.  The rock formation behind me here is called Faragliono.  Though the day was a bit overcast, it was still a beautiful day to be on the water Faragliono010.JPG (100050 bytes) We got to get out of the boat and swim whenever we wanted.   Here, Ines, Victoria & I are out swimming through a few of the tunnels.
Grotto Maraviglioso006.JPG (116060 bytes) Chirgy, this picture is for you.  Though not nearly the height of our cliff jumping in Oregon 4 years ago, I kept to my word and found a cliff to jump off.  You can barely see me getting ready to jump in this picture. Red Coral Cave002.JPG (108773 bytes) There was beautiful red coral beneath the turquoise water in a few of the caves. 
Tuna Catch.JPG (61363 bytes) We even did some fishing as we were going around the island.   Our captain was quite pleased when he reeled in this tuna.  Unfortunately he did not offer to share any with us. Capri Lighthouse.JPG (63603 bytes) The lighthouse on Capri can be seen for 35 miles.  It is a landmark for those who are sailing in the Mediterranean we were told. 
Map of Capri.JPG (114970 bytes) Within the city of Capri was this topographical map that shows the island.  We had seen most of it by sea.  I look forward to coming back and seeing more of it by land. So Long Capri004.JPG (89411 bytes) Capri was a great day adventure.  The clouds again make this picture a little less spectacular than it is, but I took this picture and said goodbye, but with the hope that I would return one day in the future.
Pulling into Amalfi003.JPG (114381 bytes) Before we knew it we were pulling back into Amalfi.  It was a great day, but also nice to be back home.  Ravello10.JPG (87731 bytes) However before we went back to the hostel we drove as high as we could by car above Amalfi.  The town was called Ravello.  Here is a picture of me standing in Ravello with the coastline below me.