My Birthday
Arles Viewpoint.JPG (104110 bytes) I had the blessing of being able to spend my birthday with the Powells as we drove from St. Tropez to Paris from where I would depart for Wimbledon and they would stay in Paris. Arles Colosseum09.JPG (107036 bytes) Arles had a Colosseum which still hosts bull fights a few times a week.  Though not as impressive as the Colosseum in Rome, I still stood atop this Colosseum and marveled at the work of the Romans again.
Cafe Van Gogh01.JPG (117771 bytes) Arles was the town where Van Gogh lived when he painted so many of his famous masterpieces.  Here I am standing in front of the café featured in his painting Café at Night. Arles Wedding01.JPG (74508 bytes) As we walked around Arles we came upon a wedding in the local cathedral.  Everyone at the wedding was dressed exquisitely.  It was a treat to observe.
Pont Du Gard03.JPG (115168 bytes) Our next stop as we drove was the Pont du Gard.  Agrippa built this water aqueduct in 19 BC.  It was designed to carry 20,000 cubic meters/day.  Pont Du Gard07.JPG (98664 bytes) Here is Auntie Pam standing at the base of the aqueduct.  It must have been a massive endeavor for Agrippa and his people to build such an architectural wonder.

Now it is off to Wimbledon!  Au Revoir