Amalfi Coast
Arriving Train Sorrento.JPG (110993 bytes) Two of the gals I met and hung out with in Rome also were headed south towards the coast.  Here I am saying goodbye to Shelby & Katie as they decided to stay in Sorrento instead of take the windy road to Amalfi. Rainbow Sunset009.JPG (79381 bytes) Where is the panoramic camera function when you need one?  My first night in Amalfi, the Lord sent a full rainbow.   I watched from my room and was reminded of his daily provisions for me as I took in the view!  Wow!!!
Amalfi at Night002.JPG (89826 bytes) The houses are built right into the cliffs which jut out over the ocean.  I thought PCH was nice, but the Amalfi Coast makes PCH look boring.  Here the lights of Amalfi light up the evening. Casa de Willy Hostel.JPG (105400 bytes) Willy’s Hostel was filled with people from all over the world.   We shared traveling stories, played games and just enjoyed each other’s company.  Here is a partial group shot from the 1st night. 
Hostel Views002.JPG (83888 bytes) Though you had to climb 264 steps to get to the hostel, the view was stunning.  Here is a view from the balcony. Positano Hike004.JPG (105808 bytes) 2 friends and I tried to take “The Hike of the Gods.”  After a wrong turn we decided to make our own hike of the Gods and climb to the highest peak above Amalfi/Positano area.  Here I am taking a break about way up the cliff.
Amalfi Coast BusRide010.JPG (69691 bytes) I was missing the ocean and had heard so much about Amalfi that I headed south from Rome for what was supposed to be 1 day.  However, I fell in love with the Amalfi Coast and stayed for 3 nights.   Here is the view from the bus as I was being driven to Amalfi from Sorrento. Positano Hike006.JPG (82845 bytes) We are not sure if the bathtub was there for us or not, but Gus decided to take a Cliffside bath.  He claimed it was refreshing. 
Positano Hike020.JPG (101714 bytes) Nick and Gus, the Australians, blaze a trail up towards the top.   Our motto was to just keep going up until we could go no further. Positano Hike024.JPG (99336 bytes) The clouds kept us cool most of the day, but once we got to the peak we saw a breathtaking 360 degree view.  The cliffs were a challenge to come up…now how would we get down the cliffs you see in the background?
Positano Hike045.JPG (116342 bytes) This local gentleman greeted us when we thought we had reached the bottom to catch our bus.  Here he is exalting after we told him where we had hiked.  St. Anthony's Parade004.JPG (116304 bytes) As I ate dinner the 2nd night in Amalfi, out of the cathedral came a parade in honor of St. Anthony.  Who would have known it was St. Anthony’s day?  But it gave me a taste of the local culture!
Waiting for Bus.JPG (109449 bytes) Getting around Amalfi took place in a variety of ways.  Here a group from the hostel waits for the bus.  I also hitchhiked and got rides in 3 wheelers, cars and on the back of motorcycles.  Very memorable to say the least! Amalfi by Sea002.JPG (109834 bytes) Here you can see the city of Amalfi from the sea.  I was on the boat because I was taking a day trip to the island of Capri off of Sorrento.  If you go back to the itinerary page and click on Capri, you will see more pics of this adventure.